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Dairy - Sector Overview

Sector Overview

India contributes to 15% of the global milk production and stands as the largest producer of milk in the world with a production of 122 MMT in 2011. The largest size of Indian Dairy Industry is estimated at around USD 60 billion (INR 2,662 billion) with an annual growth rate of percent in volume terms. The production & demand for a milk is expected to continue and rise due to various factors including population growth, rise in income & changing life style.

Milk Map of Gujarat

Gujarat is one of the largest milk producing states in India with the contribution of 7.75% share in the total milk production of India. The state having 17 Cooperative dairy milk unions & 25 private dairy plants has a milk collection of 3.45 billion litres with over 30 lakhs milk producers, affiliated to more than 15,000 Primary Milk Cooperative Societies.

Milk contributes to 22% to the Agricultural GDP of Gujarat and is one of the biggest sectors for supporting livelihood in the state. As per state census data, out of about 102 lakhs total household of Gujarat, 42.6 lakhs households are engaged in Dairy and Animal Husbandry sectors as a primary or secondary source of their income. Though the dairy sector is active in most of the districts, some of the districts still needs to be brought in the active dairy network.

Dairy Sector - District wise

Dairy - Sector Overview
Major Milk Production Districts Moderate
Milk Production Districts Potential
"Districts for Dairy Development"

GLPC associations in the Dairy Sector

GLPC is involved in promoting livelihood in the dairy sector by facilitating technical and financial assistance to the beneficiaries through various Central and State sponsored schemes. During the year 2011-12, GLPC facilitated in identification and financing of milch animals to around 30,000 households in the state contributing to an additional production of about 540 lakh litres of milk annually.

Select Success Story

Under Van Bandhu Kalyan Yojana over 14,000 SHG members (primarily tribal) were identified for dairy farming. Through GLPC facilitation, they were able to purchase improved breeds of cattle and buffaloes and were linked to respective districts milk unions. The initiative resulted in the additional milk production of around 84,000 litres per day with an income generation of around INR 25 lakhs per day. The project exhibited a winning proposition for all the stakeholders. On one hand, it provided sustainable livelihood opportunities to more than 14,000 households with an estimated additional income of INR 3,000 per month and on the other hand, it created a dependable procurement source for the Cooperative Dairies.

Sources : Census report of Directorate for Animal Husbandry, Government of Gujarat