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Our community is made up of a flourishing network of Self-Help Groups (SHGs).  The SHGs are actively involved in various livelihood and revenue generation activities. The dedicated members of our SHGs specialize in a diverse array of crafts and services. They excel in producing exquisite handicrafts, intricate handlooms, stunning jewellery, delicious food products, personal hygiene and care items, artistic creations, toiletries, office accessories, and even offer services such as housekeeping, beauty salon services, tailoring, catering, and canteen.

 To support their income generation endeavors, the Marketing Vertical of GLPC implements various strategies and initiatives. Here are some of the key activities undertaken:

  1. Organization of fairs at National, State, District and Block levels,
  2. Facilitating SHGs participation in Other State SARAS fairs,
  3. Branding & Marketing of SHG products,
  4. Enabling SHGs to sell products online through e-Commerce platforms,
  5. Organizing B2B events with SHGs and businesses,
  6. Capacity Building Trainings for SHGs and staff members,
  7. Development of Product Catalogues.

 These initiatives foster economic opportunities, amplify the reach, and cultivate expertise, empowering self-help groups (SHGs).